Wickham Bishops Biodiversity Project

We’re losing wildlife, including wildflowers, insects, birds and mammals fast. The Parish Council is working with groups, societies and residents of the village to try to help our wildlife in two ways:

  1. We want to provide homes for some of the animals by building and putting up bird and bat boxes, bug houses for insects. We have a local group of people who build bird boxes and bug houses. It would be lovely for groups and clubs to sponsor a bird box – details to follow. It would also be great for local children to get involved in building bug houses – watch this space!
  2. No-mow areas in the village where we are letting areas grow wild during the summer to help provide food for insects, birds and bats. If we provide more homes for the birds, bats, bees and other insects we also need to give them things to eat. Some areas in the village won’t be mown between March and October to let wild plants flower and seed, and the insects that feed on them breed. People could leave a small area in their gardens in the same way.

We plan to monitor the success of the no-mow areas as a place for wildflowers and insects to flourish during the summer. The grass will be cut in October and through the winter. We also plan to monitor the use of the bird, bat and bug homes.

If you would like more information, or would like to join or contribute to our project, please contact Jane Williams on
or call the Parish Council on 07542 190176