Roads Covered 

Cllr Henry Bass

Maypole Road

The Street


Tiptree Road

Carters Lane

Beech Green

Braxted Road 

Cllr Peter Bates

Church Rd (Church to Wellands)

Church Close

Church Cottages

Church Green

Leigh Drive   


Hatfield Road

Spring Lane

Langford Road

Station Road

Wickham Hall Lane

Grange Road (Roots Lane to Wickham Hall Lane)   

Mope Lane

Blue Mills Hill

Isham’s Chase 

Cllr Pete Layley

School Road

Back Lane

Grange Road (School Road to Roots Lane)

Roots Lane


Arbour Lane (Grange Road to Blacksmith’s Lane) 

Cllr Mandy Mickelsen

Byron Drive

Blacksmith’s Lane 


Arbour Lane (Blacksmiths Lane to The Street)

Kelvedon Road


Handleys Lane (Kelvedon Road to byway)

Gt Totham Road

Rosina Place 




Buckley’s Close 

Cllr Ian Wardrop

Church Road (Wellands to Snow’s Corner)

Holt Drive

Wooldridge Place

Handleys Lane (The Street to Byway)

Poney Chase 

Cllr Jane Williams

Wellands Close

Witham Road

Chantry Grove

Mackmurdo Place

Birch Rise